More than a bag

We began WATERBAGS with a simple idea to support local communities.

With the purchase of a WATERBAG you:

  • Sponsor programs which share the vision of making education, culture and healthcare accessible to all.
  • Support local communities.
  • Raise social awareness about environmental protection.

Special Characteristics

Open Canvas

WATERBAGS collaborate with talented creatives across all artistic fields to produce unique patterns on cotton.

Made in Greece

WATERBAGS are produced in Greece. We know every person that cuts and sews our bags and we are glad to support our community.

Product of Social Responsibility

WATERBAGS strive for a better tomorrow. We support local communities and we work to create positive change across Greece.


WATERBAGS are made of 100% cotton! Environmental preservation is important to us hence we choose high quality and eco-friendly materials. Our goal is to raise awareness and reduce the use of plastic bags.

Special collaborations

Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa, one of the first supporters of WATERBAGS sponsored the production of 1500 WATERBAGS. All sales revenue funded educational environmental programs and essential equipment for the three High Schools of Santorini and Thirasia.

We asked the students of the 2nd Primary School of Karystos to paint “What is the world for you with one shape and one color” and the kids created their own unique prints for WATERBAGS. All sales revenue from this design returned to Karystos local community.

WATERBAGS collaborated with Oxbelly and Captain Vassilis & Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation for the first time in 2019 annual gathering of filmmakers from around the world, in Costa Navarino. The unique pattern of this WATERBAG was designed by the artist Vicky Stamatopoulos and all sales revenue of this bag sponsor an environmental program addressed to schools located in Messenia.

In 2020 along with Athens School of Fine Arts we held an art contest for its students. An ad hoc committee was formed with the participation of ASFA Professor Mr. Zafo Xagorari, the gallery owner Mrs. Daphne Zoumboulakis, and the painter Mr. Antonakis Christodoulou. The committee vote for 10 designs to decorate our new WATERBAGS collection. The artists who won the contest are:

Agapi Myrsodeli
Alexandra Koraki
Chrysanthi Petra
Katerina Stellatou
Marianna Preen
Mimi Papadopoulou
Penny Kekempanou
Tanya Varveri
Tina Andrianopoulou
Zeta Tsermou

In 2019 we collaborated with Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF) to produce a limited edition floral WATERBAG. The designer Hara Marantidou created a unique pattern inspired by the caper plant (capari in Greek). Through this collaboration, WATERBAGS will create a botanical garden with local native flora in Kimolos’ primary school.