We support and invest in communities through donations and educational programs.

2022 starts with a new donation! We are really proud to announce one of our biggest donations so far. Further to the request of Schoinoussa’s Youth Association we are now supporting the operation of a kindergarten in Schοinoussa island by covering the kindergarten’s teacher payroll expenses for the period of six months. Astra Shipmanagement Inc contributed to our initiative by purchasing supplies, materials, equipment and other items to make the kindergarten fully operative. Library4all also supports Schoinoussa’s kindergarten by donating children’s books for the classroom!
Following the request of Mrs Thalia Harbea from Trikala Pilot Vocational High School for the support of the school’s infrastructure with an electrical oven, the Waterbags team gladly responded as it immediately became clear that this move would not only help the students, and the school’s food lab, but also the development on their behalf of significant voluntary work towards the local community.
Following up on the request made by Athanasios Varsos, the Anafi Middle and High School principle, we managed to secure a donation in sports and school equipment, in order to upgrade the schools’ capabilities.
We supported the municipality of Skopelos, we granted their request and donated 40 marble bases to be used for building benches in the port of Skopelos.
Further to the request of the Principle of Schoinousa’s High School we donated necessary school equipment. More specifically the equipment donated was: 21 office chairs.
In collaboration with the president of Platyforos Community of Zakynthos, Ms Charikleia Minotou, we donated 200 protective face masks to the Association of Parents and Guardians of ODAZ for children with disabilities and their representative, Ms Maria Petta.
This month we donated 300 FFP2 face masks to healthcare workers of the Regional Health Clinics of Agios Efstratios, Chalki and Agathonisi islands to increase the safety of their local communities.
Meeting the needs of the HOME Project, a non profit organization set up to address the needs of refugee children who arrive in Greece alone, we have made a donation of 100 watermasks.
Following our communication with the medical staff of the Regional Health Clinics of the islands Donoussa, Koufonisia, Schoinousa and Irakleia, Waterbags and Friends donated: 30 protective coverall bodysuits, 38 protective face shields, 100 medical gloves and 150 protective face masks.
After contacting the director of Naxos Hospital Ms Fragkiskou, and recording the needs of the hospital, we donated 4.850 protective face masks and 100 protective face shields.
We donated 300 protective face masks and 10 protective face shields to Asrypalea’s Medical Center.
We responded immediately to the Covid-19 pandemic and after a request from the Mayor of Skiathos, Mr. Thodoris Tzoumas, donated 1.118 protective face masks (disposable and reusable) and 20 protective coverall bodysuits to the Municipality of Skiathos and its Health Center.
Following a needs assessment of Samothraki’s Fire Station, WATERBAGS facilitated the donation of essential equipment to the station, in particular:

  • Nine pairs of hiking boots.
  • One sun shade for tablet and one camera filter, necessary for locating people in need of rescuing.
  • One multipurpose printing machine.
A donation was made to the Association of Parents & Guardians of the 2nd Primary School of Karystos to purchase the necessary equipment to make a robotics lab at the school.

More specifically, the equipment donated was:

• Four robotic kits “We Do Lego”.
• Two tablets.
Following a needs assessment by the president of Afentakeio Foundation, Mr. Sotiris Stanotas, WATERBAGS made a donation to support the reopening of Kimolos’ Care Center.
Further to the request of the Principle of the 2nd Nursery school of Skopelos, Olimpia Pegiou, we donated a much-needed multipurpose printing machine to the school, so it could conduct efficiently its day-to-day activities.
For second year in a row we sponsored the program We Are the Environment. The program consists of educational workshops for the students of the three General Public High Schools in Santorini and the General Public High School of Therasia. The main purpose of these workshops was to promote environmental awareness and educate students on plastic pollution and marine ecosystem. The program was implemented by Agoni Grammi Gonimi with the collaboration of Arcturos, Noesis, and The Tipping Point.
In 2018, WATERBAGS donated to Santorini’s High School technical and sports equipment. Sponsors, school staff and students celebrated the donation in the schoolyard with a small ceremony.

«…it is a pleasure to be a part of this program’s activities focusing on the environment. Our students and teachers are delighted and appreciative of this donation…» as Antonis Karamolegos, Principle of Santorini’s High School stated.
In April 2018 we fully sponsored the program We Are the Environment, which consists of educational workshops for the students of the three General Public High Schools in Santorini. The main purpose of these workshops was to promote environmental awareness and educate students on plastic pollution and marine ecosystem. The program was implemented by Agoni Grammi Gonimi with the collaboration of Archipelagos, iSea, Hellenic Oceanographers’ Association (HOA), Greenest, and Aegean Rebreath.

Special collaborations

Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa, one of the first supporters of WATERBAGS sponsored the production of 1500 WATERBAGS. All sales revenue funded educational environmental programs and essential equipment for the three High Schools of Santorini and Thirasia.

We asked the students of the 2nd Primary School of Karystos to paint “What is the world for you with one shape and one color” and the kids created their own unique prints for WATERBAGS. All sales revenue from this design returned to Karystos local community.

WATERBAGS collaborated with Oxbelly and Captain Vassilis & Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation for the first time in 2019 annual gathering of filmmakers from around the world, in Costa Navarino. The unique pattern of this WATERBAG was designed by the artist Vicky Stamatopoulos and all sales revenue of this bag sponsor an environmental program addressed to schools located in Messenia.

In 2020 along with Athens School of Fine Arts we held an art contest for its students. An ad hoc committee was formed with the participation of ASFA Professor Mr. Zafo Xagorari, the gallery owner Mrs. Daphne Zoumboulakis, and the painter Mr. Antonakis Christodoulou. The committee vote for 10 designs to decorate our new WATERBAGS collection. The artists who won the contest are:

Agapi Myrsodeli
Alexandra Koraki
Chrysanthi Petra
Katerina Stellatou
Marianna Preen
Mimi Papadopoulou
Penny Kekempanou
Tanya Varveri
Tina Andrianopoulou
Zeta Tsermou

In 2019 we collaborated with Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF) to produce a limited edition floral WATERBAG. The designer Hara Marantidou created a unique pattern inspired by the caper plant (capari in Greek). Through this collaboration, WATERBAGS will create a botanical garden with local native flora in Kimolos’ primary school.